According to the Calcutta-based Telegraph Shankarachrya seemed to have agreed to officiate as the priest for the wedding of Varun Gandhi after he verified the Kundali (horoscope) of the bride and ascertained that she was a Brahmin. Here is a distortion of facts by the infamous newspaper tryng to discredit both the Shankaracharya and the bridegroom who hails from a reputed family. Asking for Kundali does not mean that he was ascertaining the caste of the bride. Varun is not strictly a Brahmin. His grandfather was a Parsi. His mother was a Sikh. So the news article is just a plant to discredit the bridegroom and his intention to seek the priestly services of Shankaracharya, who himself has been a target of viscious attacks by the leftists and psuedo secular forces who support the Congress Party and its well known stand against Hinduism.
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