Hi all,

I am interested in studying the Vedas. I need your help/suggestions.

Please tell me in what order should I read the Vedic texts: Samhitas, Brahmanas, Aranyakas, and Upanishads. I would be highly obliged if someone could give me the list of texts in the order in which they are to be studied.

While researching on the Vedas, I also read somewhere that before understanding the Vedas, it is a pre-requisite to understand the 6 Vedangs. Please advise how to go about studying them (order and technique) and where I can find these texts:

1. Shiksha (śikṣā: phonetics and phonology (sandhi).
2. Chandas (chandas): meter
3. Vyakarana (vyākaraṇa): grammar
4. Nirukta (nirukta): etymology
5. Jyotisha (jyotiṣa): astrology and astronomy, dealing particularly with the auspicious days for performing sacrifices.
6. Kalpa (kalpa): ritual

I would be really grateful to anyone and everyone who could help me accomplish this important and challenging objective of my life.

Thanks & Regards,
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