Question: If the soul must perfect through many life times, Where did this soul begin? Was the soul randomly formed at some space and time with imperfections that needed to be worked out? Were all souls created at once, some a little less perfect than others? Hopefully I ask the question within reason...Thank you
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Soul(Aathma)is eternal.There was no time in the last zillion years that the soul was not there-it is there today--it shall be there for the next zillion years to come-"Na Bhutvaa,Na Bhavitha Vaa-Na Bhuyaha"-It is eternal-"Saasvathoyam" (sri.Bhagavad geetha).only the body is created and destroyed.The soul is Universal--not one soul per body(according to Adwaitham).The appearence of individual Soul is Illusion=Maaya.aathma(Soul) is omni present, omnipotent, omniscient,Immanent,all imbibisive,ultimate Reality
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Question. How do I do a puja to Shiva? I have looked in several places online but everyone says something different. Please be as detailed as possible. Thank you.
--Adam D. Smith
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