I couldn't send this message through the feedback box so I am posting here I hope someone will read it.

Dear Sir or Madam,
My name is Aman and i am a Sophomore at a University in the United States. Being an Indian from my background and being born in America has opened various doors for me and philosophy is one of them. I wish to pursue a topic of "Brahman" to clarify various misconceptions that other western authors carry or Indian authors carry intentionally or unintentionally in the western world. I would like to write a paper on Brahman and its meaning in Hinduism beginning with the Rg Veda the first scripture and then try to cover the other vedas. I don't know if this methodology is fruitful because I haven't read any similar approaches yet. Therefore, I seek your guidance to pursue this task, not just to enlighten the westerners but to know the great works of my ancestors. So please I will really appreciate your help and this is purely for academic purposes and my personal purpose of learning my background.
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