I have almost completed the work on the Upanishads. In all I translated 16 Upanishads, containing a total of 1725 verses (including invocations). Of them Brihadaranyaka Upanishad has 427 verses and Chandogya has 629 verses. It is difficult to say which one is larger because the verses are of varying lengths. These translations will be completely different from the free-style translations that are currently available at Hinduwebsite.com. Once these are published, I will work on the Essays on the Upanishads, followed by the translation of the Yogasutras and compilation of my earlier writings on the advanced aspects of Hinduism. I have plans to take up the translation of Brahmasutras, with very minimum explanatory notes. With that I believe I will complete my translation of the three most important works of Hinduism, namely the Bhagavadgita, the Principal Upanishads and the Brahmasutras. At the same time, I need to work on updating Hinduwebsite, which has been neglected by me for some time.  Jayaram V
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Hi Jayaram.

This is Douglas, the person that posted the diary of the Maha Kumbha Mela festival.

I was wondering if it would be possible to contact you offline?

I don't know how we exchange email addresses without broadcasting them.

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I think you can use this form. I believe it works


Once I receive your email address through the form I will send you mine.

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