I have started this topic to discover what is hinduism. Is it a religion as projected by some VHP leaders like Togadia with strict adherence to a se of rules written by GOD knows whom Or is it a continued quest to finding the right balance in life to lead a Healthy, Happy and Fulfilling life???

From my Research over many Years and listening to views of Others all around me I have come to a conclusion that Hinduism is not an organised Religion like Islam, Christianity and other World Religions. In fact it is an Organised Society that takes in the views of all its members incorporates thier beliefs in itself especially those that they hold dear and practise Tolerance to those beliefs that offends them especially if it is respected by others.

From Kashmir to kanyakumari if one travels and visits temples, Hears stores of their dieties one think will be common that is Hindu doctrine was given by the Holy Trinity of Brhma, Vishnu, Mahesh (Shiva) and every part of India know them in their own way. The shape, size and image of these Gods change with the change in geography in the Indian Subcontinent. Each of the above gods have a story in every part of India that glorifies a certain local individual in their own name.

Even the other daieties are said to be originated from these Three and once took a shape under certain circumstances and so are worshipped till today. Example VAMAN, RAM, KRISHNA, etc similarly the same thing goes on for the female Daities. On one hand VAMAN is worshipped as a reincarnation of Lord Vishnu to dispel the Demon king Bali, and on the other hand the Same Bali is worshipped in South India as a Great King. Those same people are also Hindus and worship the Holy Trinity and their numerous Re-incarnation. While bali is regarded as a Great and Humble King by many North Indians despite bieng a Demon.

Lets for a moment come to 1947 and Integration of India. Everyone knows that integration of India was a mammoth challenging task and if it were not for some Great leaders like Vallabh Bhai Patel this wouldn't have been possible. Today the constitution of India has 14 official Language, Not one. Every State runs School Board in their Local language whose degrees are recognised by all of India. they run side by side the central Board.

Now these things happen right before our eyes so no mystery there. But the Question can't these things have happend thousands of years ago when some great leaders tried to unite the entire Indian Sub-continent under the belief of the Supreme Holy Trinity Not by War but by integrating their special beliefs into their owns and giving them the due respect.

For Example the followers of the Holy Trinity are said to be in every group of people the Nagas, the Shudras, the Rakshas and others and in our Ancient religious Texts we can find references that these Gods either were re-incarnated among those groups or gave high Respect to them like Krishna in Yadavas, VAMAN in Little People, Ram eating the fruit which has toushed the lips of a Shudra Women, Son of Vayu hanuman in a Monkey Form, Krishna marrying the daughter of Jamvant the bear.

If the above is True isn't the Hindu Code (If their is any) much more like a Constitution that guides a Society not a Religion which can be followed by people of all faiths without feeling threatened.

Views are Welcome. Hoping to Receive a lot of Them
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