I am not a Hindu but I probably could fit right in with the crowd. I've been trying to learn the deeper secrets of existence for years, read many books on the subject, and I'm at the point where I see I'll probably have to do meditation to go any further.

A book summary is probably in order here..
* Charan Singh: Light on Sant Mat
* Lee Carroll: Various channeled books by Kryon
* Barbara Brennan: Hands of Light, Light Emerging
* Neale Walsch: Conversations With God 1, 2, 3
* Robert Monroe: Journeys out of the Body, Far Journeys, Ultimate Journeys
* Many others

The Monroe books are probably the clearest and most lucid western books on ideas of the astral body, and also probably the mystical ideas related to Hinduism itself.

I have done some of the Monroe Hemi-sync audio-guided meditations, and I have managed to get to the point where the strong internal vibrations start, which is where astral separation apparently begins...

But my living arrangements aren't very supportive of going any further with the humming and breathing exercises. Due to finances, for the past decade I've lived at home with a very Catholic mother that doesn't like such unChristian things, and the rest of the family thinks its weird, so nothing has been happening for about ten years.

I'm slowly working on building up my finances to build a place of my own, which will have either a sound isolation room or an isolation float tank, or maybe both.


I take a somewhat different direction with the whole reincarnation thing, which I consider to be the more empowered approach. There is this idea that everything is God, and the we are all a part of God, and potentially creating this experience in this moment.

What is to prevent a part of God choosing to create its own reality, distinct from the rest of this stuff? The power of God appears to be unlimited, and it would appear that we too are also unlimited in our capability. It is only our present human existence that makes us seem limited.

I accept that there may be some sort of governing spiritual or mystical contract related to this world that prevents it from being corrupted by certain aspects of God wanting to change the game in progress. Monroe's books make a suggestion that some sort of governing contract may exist for souls intending to incarnate here, which must be accepted to participate.

However to make an allusion to computer games, it seems possible for God to make a copy of this universe and allow changes to the copy while leaving this one to run unchanged.

Or just go off and create an entirely new reality using concepts or physics that are irrational, don't make any sense, and have no foundation in reality except for the will of the Creator to make it seem real. Here again I would point to computer games, where the simulated reality of most 3D games is just a simple mock-up with no substance behind it.

Personally I am really looking forward to a "Matrix-like" computer VR simulation becoming possible, but I also fully recognize that this physical reality I experience now may also be a VR simulation running on the Creator's computer, or running within the mind/body of Creator itself, dreaming itself to be individualized atoms, forming a universe, spawning conscious beings..


My question here, basically, is that if we are a part of God, and God is a part of us, and the purpose of existence is for God to experience itself..... then it would appear that the Creator would be willing to indulge me in my desire to go completely off the wheel and start a project of my own, create new subsouls out of myself just like God did when it created us, and so forth.

God appears to be capable of unlimited division and infinite action, and so perhaps we can take up the role of Creator ourselves if we so choose. It would appear the Creator doesn't care what we choose to do, but will willingly help us to experience it, because it is empowered through us.

The main problem is that aspiring to become a "sub-Creator" is probably considered egotistical and vain by most spirtual thinkers. You're supposed to be worshiping the Creator, not aspiring to directly become God. This sort of thinking might go so far as to be heretical or a sign of delusional thinking requiring medication, so I don't talk about such things very much.

Though it would appear the original Creator itself had to be egotistical to create anything in the first place. It had to be aware of itself and its "aloneness" in order to be able to contemplate the idea of being something other that just itself. Otherwise it would still just be floating within its own infinite bliss for all eternity and none of this could have ever come into existence in the first place.

Why not? If we truly are to be made in the image of the Creator, why can't we be allowed to accept that role and just see what else can be experienced above and beyond this repeating existence? If it's possible to go completely off and try doing something new, I want to find out if that is possible.


I am aware that potentially nothing new can be experienced, and the belief that everything that can exist already exists in every form possible and impossible. I am also aware that the Creator may exist outside time, and so may be in multiple states of awareness simultaneously, in Oneness, dual, and infinitely subdivided.

Also there is probably nothing new to learn because all we really need to do is re-member and re-unite with the Creator, and we can instantly know and become one with everything. Though it seems like this is what leads to the cycling of forgetting in the first place. We are bored with knowing all and so choose to forget... everything. Bam, back in the baby stroller again. I think God may have a serious crack cocaine habit, except with this it's the blissing out that results in the cycling.

I think the way off the wheel is to accept that yes I COULD bliss out. But I don't have to. And it isn't required. And not only is it not required but I most likely have already done it before millions of times. Billions maybe. And I've also forgotten it all before, too. Billions of times maybe.

Perhaps I can choose a third path. To not bliss out and forget, but to remain individuated for as long as I possibly can, get off the wheel, assume the role of direct creator of my own experience, and do it all linearly, which of course will take forever. But we have that choice apparently.

It appears there's no hurry to get back to God and bliss out, since in the state of no-time, God is already at one with everything anyway. There is absolutely no need to repeat the bliss/forget cycle again, unless you really want to do that.


I also acknowledge these are just theories based on ideas I have read in books, and which have been told to me. I don't have any personal experience with these things, either mystically or physically.

I've tried to learn to see auras without much success. I still don't seem to be able to physically levitate by force of will alone, though I am able to do it frequently in my dreams, hovering several feet off the ground. I keep trying to remember how exactly I do it over there so I can do it here, too..


I'm also halfway a total realist. This physical being writing this message may simply end up dying, rotting in a box, and the consciousness evoking these thoughts may simply dissolve into nothingness when the neural net in this flesh degrades.

These people who think they are astrally traveling could be deluding themselves, and the whole God-seeking thing that drives this search for higher meaning, could just be due to a random DNA encoding mutation in how organic brains accidentally evolved.

Unknown, I still have insufficient data to make any conclusions either way.

But I would like to find out more about personally experiencing the mystical stuff, if possible, and if the mystical contract governing my existence here will allow for it.


So here we are, back at the humming and breathing exercises problem..

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Ultimately, I thihnk, it all depends upon your "Mother", if you get the meaning. If she doesn't like it, you won't get any mystical stuff.
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