Adhyaropa and Apavada are the two traditional methods used in Vedanta to understand the essential truths of existence. In the Adhyaropa you superimpose upon reality what is not real and in the Apavada, you deny the unreal to arrive at the reality. The main purpose of these methods was to break the habitual thought patterns and see the world differently. Nowadays, you find that the first method is used by many, especially the media, to distort truth, while the second one is used in the reverse way, that is to deny the truth and arrive at the untruth.

Did you see the movie Matrix? When Neo goes to see the Oracle, he sees a young boy bending the spoon. And the young kid tells Neo that the trick is not in bending the spoon but knowing that the spoon does not exist. This method is something like that. 

Jayaram V

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