If you are interested in Buddhism I recommend two books:

Buddha is As Buddha Does: The Ten Original Practices For Enlightened Living by Lama Surya Das.

This book teaches about the Boddhisattva way of living compassionately, following the Bodhisattva code, which is based on 10 percepts or paramitas. An excellent book to cultivate generosity, virtue, patience, perseverance, mindfulness, wisdom, resourcefulness, leadership and awakening. Here is a link to Amazon to checkout.


The Second book is Joyful Wisdom, Embracing Change and Finding Freedom by Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche.

Yongey Mingyur explains the wisdom of Buddhism in a very practical, direct and simple manner with which you can easily relate. When you read books like this you will realize why Buddhism is gradually gaining popularity among the intellectual circlces. Buddhism, without being dogmatic, can teach you more about human nature and psychology than any book on modern Psychology or behavioral sciences because it is based on direct and mindful observation. The author explains the principles and practices of Buddhism based on his own experiences and what he learned from his father and teachers, which makes the book very interesting and readable.


Jayaram V
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